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A New Country Emerges Between Nigeria and Cameroon images-1 A New Country Emerges Between Nigeria and Cameroon
As surprising as it sounds, Nigeria and Cameroon may no longer share a border. In-between the two countries is emerging a brand new state (country) to be known as the United Nations Organization of Cameroon. How did this happen?
It has been in the making for sometime now. After the 1961 plebiscite, the people that were in the south eastern part of Nigeria were given a choice to be governed as are of Cameroon or as part of Nigeria. They chose to join Cameron, while their northern brothers chose to be administered by Nigeria.  That was what caused the borderline between Nigeria to bend left as it approached the Atlantic, making Nigeria wider in the Northern border than in the coastal borders.
But the Southern Cameroon did not really become fully part of Cameroon and Northern Cameroon did not become permanently part of Nigeria. They were what is known trusteeship territory. Cameroon was entrusted with that territory to govern on behalf of the United Nations and Nigeria was entrusted with the Northern Cameroon. Now, the people of that territory (known as Ambazonia) have decided to become an independent under the guidance of the United Nations. Screenshot_20200610-1954282-300x265 A New Country Emerges Between Nigeria and Cameroon But the Northern Cameroon needed to be linked with some part of the northern Cameroon. To enable them, Nigeria (Obasanjo) gave then a part of Nigerian land in 2003. Nigeria ceded 24 local government areas to them. One the local governments Nigeria “dashed” to them is Atiku Abubakar’s local government. So once this new country is launched, Atiku Abubakar may cease to be a Nigerian citizen. He eill become a citizen of the new country. This was actually what the APC had in mind when during the last election, they insinuated that Atiku was not a Nigerian. But they were wrong because then they had idea when the new country would be launched, which when the ceded territory would cease to be in Nigeria.
We now know that the new country will be launched on July 10, 2020. The UN requested Cameroon to pull out their soldiers from Ambazadonia and Cameroon has complied.
Everything is set to go. A new country is to be birthed.
There is a lesson in this for those clamoring for Biafra. You can have Biafra without war. However, certain concrete steps need to be taken first. All these propaganda and lies about how Donald Trump or European Union promised you Biafra in 2020 is a very annoying joke. If you want Biafra, then let’s follow the right steps. You can’t get it by lying to your followers.
I will show below the maps of the new country.  I will show the territory Nigeria “dashed” them.
If you look at the maps below: in the first map, the orange color is the Southern Cameroon which has been administered under Cameroon. The red part is the Northern Cameroon, which has been administered by Nigeria.
What is going on now is to give Southern Cameroon and Northern Cameroon (which are different from Cameroon) the opportunity to stand on their own as a country. But there is a problem. The Southern and Northern Cameroon did not have a common border. There is a point where Nigeria and Cameroon merged again cutting off the Northern and Southern Cameroon. In the second map, I used the yellow circle to depict that point. images-2-300x238 A New Country Emerges Between Nigeria and Cameroon To ensure that Northern Cameroon and Southern Cameroon could connect with a common border, either Nigeria or Cameroon would have to give them territory (cede territory). Nigeria did. The effect of that is that Nigeria would no longer have any direct border with Cameroon. So, Nigeria has ceded that portion of land where I put the yellow circle on the second map. Nigeria’s western borderline will now be more straight.
Note: The new country will have about a population of 20 million people which is about half if the Igbos. But note that the new country is not landlocked. It has about 250 miles of shoreline on the Atlantic ocean and it has coastal line on Lake Chad.

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