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Building Your Arsenal of Knowledge (Part 1) DAVID Building Your Arsenal of Knowledge (Part 1)

Exploding The Academic Bomb In You – The Book Series by David Odunsi

Building Your Arsenal of Knowledge (Part 1)

I always feel excited to share my thoughts with you but more importantly am excited about how much you can achieve by applying those thoughts, let me start this post with a profound quote by Eden Phillpotts, he said “the universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper”, I couldn’t agree more with such words of wisdom, every person got great potentials locked up within them, great talents, great skills, however those skills will remain in their worthless raw state like crude-oil until you make intentional efforts to refine them. Having those natural abilities aren’t good enough, yes it’s the starting point, however they don’t come out magical until you have taken time to acquire a knowledge base to refine them.

It is to the very extent to which you have developed an arsenal of knowledge about those abilities you possess that you are able to explode them forth to produce phenomenal results. The choice of arsenal is intentional,as it best portray how powerful knowledge is to unleashing potentials.

An arsenal is a store house of all the weapons in the possession of a country, and countries understand that the more arms and ammunition they have in their arsenal the higher the tendency of winning their wars, with this in mind, they will invest their resources in stocking up their arsenal with the best and most formidable of weapons, for instance during the World War 1 that took place between July 28, 1914 till November 11, 1918 it was recorded that one of the weapons that gave domineering power to a country was the Machine Gun which could fire at the rate of 400-600 rounds per minute, the implication is that in just a second, about 8 rounds would have been fired, at this rate it was almost impossible for the enemy to escape being shot.

Although our concern now is not war, however ignorance still poses as a common enemy that we all must defeat if we are going to explore and develop our world to its fullest. We now live in a world where knowledge is the most priced commodity, the more knowledge you possess about a particular field the higher the tendency to achieve great results in that field, the world pays for knowledge, it’s knowledge that produces computers, electronic gadgets, rockets, software, it’s knowledge that helps engineers to use sunlight to power homes, help programmers to produce great applications targeted at solving human problems, help doctors to open up the human skull to take out tumors preventing the brain from working properly and closing it up back.

Everything revolves around knowledge, knowledge is power, knowledge is light, therefore if you are going to achieve anything phenomenal with your life, you have got to build your arsenal of knowledge, without knowledge your gifts , talents or natural abilities will at the best remain in their raw state, untapped and wasting away.

David Odunsi
Author, Exploding The Academic Bomb In You.
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