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Building Your Arsenal of Knowledge (Part 2) DAVID-3 Building Your Arsenal of Knowledge (Part 2)

Exploding The Academic Bomb In You – The Book Series by David Odunsi

Building Your Arsenal of Knowledge (Part 2)

Yes I know you have got great gifts, your gifts are extraordinarily superb, there are things you can do naturally well, that’s why they are called gifts, you didn’t earn them, however if you must develop your gifts you must be deliberate, you must acquire the pre-requisite knowledge to refine those gifts of yours to become something of value, countries like Nigeria with crude oil underneath their soil didn’t earn them, they just found it there, however the knowledge of chemistry and physics had to be applied to refine the crude oil to derive products like petrol, diesel, kerosene, engine oil and many more. With the acquisition of knowledge , your gifts(raw materials) become polished such that they generate valuable products that the world will be willing to pay any amount for.

While growing up I realized I had a natural understanding about living organisms, so I did well in subjects that dealt with organisms, the moment the teacher explained it once, I understood immediately, so usually I don’t bother to open the book again, I don’t bother to study again till just few days to the exam, I studied not because I wanted to know more but just to pass, usually I end up having good grades in those subjects but not the best of grades if only I went further to develop my arsenal of knowledge.

Then just before entering into the University I realized I couldn’t depend on just my gifts of understanding organisms easily alone, I needed to refine those gifts by acquiring knowledge, I was tired of allowing my gifts to remain at their raw state, producing no real value, I had a shift in my mind, so I started a deliberate journey towards acquiring knowledge in the area of my natural gifts, I wanted to know more and before I knew it my academics went boom like when you detonate a bomb, all those years I never knew something was waiting in me to unleash, the moment it got the needed ignition it exploded, at the end of my first year I had a first class grade and got a National scholarship, I had learnt the art of acquiring knowledge to refine my gifts, you can do the same, I have never met anyone without certain natural abilities or gifts, what I have always seen are young people with great gifts but who haven’t applied themselves to the process of taking deliberate steps towards developing their gifts by acquiring knowledge.

The legendary boxer Muhammad Ali had a natural gift of throwing punches but he had to acquire knowledge to refine that gift such that he knew where exactly to hit his opponents and have them crashing down heavily. The well celebrated Lionel Messi whose football talent was first noticed by his grandmother would probably not have been known by anyone if she didn’t take him to a football academy where he developed that talent further, today he is known as a god of soccer not just for his gift of hitting the ball, of course anyone can hit a ball, but for his ability to hit the ball in such a way that he produces wonders with it, the knows the perfect angles to hit the ball, he has defense breaking dribbles, it takes more than natural gift to do that, it requires a lot of knowledge acquisition over time. I know by now the big question on your mind is how do I get started building my own arsenal of knowledge, so I think I will just get down with it in my next post. Have you heard about the Axe principle before? Just wait for my next post.

David Odunsi
Author, Exploding The Academic Bomb In You.
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