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The Compass academic-bomb-davidodunsi1 The Compass

Exploding The Academic Bomb In You – The Book Series by David Odunsi

The Compass

Yes, in my last post I told you I was going to share something exciting with you on how to use the compass to navigate around discovering who you are, be rest assured I got you covered, I got it right here for you. Have you seen a compass before?, it’s an electronic or magnetic device used to get cardinal directions, it is used majorly by adventurers while trying to locate places they have never been to before in most cases, it’s such an important tool to them that they guard it jealously knowing fully well that it’s going to be their guide on their journey of discovering new and un-chattered territories, isn’t it beautiful that we also going to be using the same tool in going through the un-chattered journey of our quest to identify the greatest discovery in the world, which undoubtedly remains YOU.

So let me be quick to tell you how a compass works, a compass works on the principle of identifying the current position or location of the traveler, it’s only then that it is able to give directions on where next to go, Yes, that’s the same principle that applies to discovering who you are. So perhaps you have been thinking am going to hand down to you some formula or tell you 100 steps to take to discover who you are, sorry to disappoint you, we aren’t going to visit space to discover you, all that you you need to identify who you are is right within you, locked up and waiting to be unleashed.

So let’s talk about your current location in a bid to using that as a basis for giving you cardinal directions in your journey to exploding the bomb in you. We are going to be keeping things simple as much as possible, as stated earlier a compass works by first locating where you are and using that as a basis for giving you direction, so you need to ask yourself where am I currently, what are some of the peculiarities about me, what are some of the unique qualities I possess, what are the things that come natural to me, things that I can do effortlessly well, what mastery do I have that comes without prior training, what are the things I have a natural love for, what are the things I don’t mind spending all my time doing. Yes, it’s that simple.

The moment you identify those things that are unique to you it becomes very easy to give a direction to your life. Identifying those unique qualities you possess is far important than anything in helping you explode the bomb in you, it’s the first and most important step in starting the process to greatness, a snail that crawls in the right direction is better than a cheetah that runs towards the wrong direction for it will be a run in absolute futility.

If you need to pause a bit and reflect on your life and write down those unique traits about yourself, please do so right away, I’m not talking about other people’s thoughts or perspective about you, I’m talking about your very own perspective about you. I want to see you unlock doors to the potentials laden in you. While growing up I realized that I did naturally well in subjects that dealt with living things and nature, I just loved it, I didn’t have to spend too much time learning those subjects, I understood the concepts in no time, my brain just created synapses for them right away, I just loved anything that had to do with living things, on the other hand I didn’t like so much of abstract things, I could not just understand why x+y had to give z, the more I looked at the mathematical equations the more I got confused, for some reasons it didn’t just click, I had to exert more energy and time before I could understand them.

Also I realized I didn’t like machines, I couldn’t repair the most basic of them even when my younger brother who was 10 years younger than I could fix them, it was that bad, but I realize I could care for animals so well, I cared for animals so well they knew me in no time, I thought it was only dogs that could easily identify their owners not until I trained my hens so well they could identify me from afar, they knew me so well I could pick eggs under the mother hens and use a spoon to hatch them on their behalf, I knew just where to hit the egg with the spoon and the chick will come out fine, I knew everything about them, so I understood I loved anything that had to do with life and not just some abstract xyz+123= √36, so I knew I was going to spend my life focusing on something revolving around living organisms, it gave me a sense of direction, no matter how attractive a choice of career looked, the moment it’s not about living organism one way or the other, I just knew it was not for me, I knew I won’t enjoy it and would have to exert lot of time and energy into it.

So discovering yourself is all about identifying those unique traits or qualities that you possess that set you apart. Everything in life leaves signs, most diseases will manifest with symptoms and signs, in the same light, those unique traits you possess are symptoms and signs that serve as pointers to who you are and the possible directions you could follow in life. When you discover the unique traits you possess and sharpen them with the right training, exploding becomes inevitable. Do you want us to talk, I look forward to receiving your mail.

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Author, Exploding The Academic Bomb In You.
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