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The Dichotomy of Neurolinguistics IMG-20200507-WA0028 The Dichotomy of Neurolinguistics

Before we begin, let’s define some terms for the purpose of learning;

Dichotomy: a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Neurolinguistics: the branch of linguistics dealing with the relationship between language and the structure and functioning of the brain.

My brother asked me this morning, teach me Grammar! and I replied, I have not eaten.

The question then pops up, what is the relationship between food and the brain?

First, what is Food?

Food is a substance taken into our body to supply energy.
What is more?
It supplies nutrients to the cell of organism in order to grow, repair, and replace worn-out tissues.

That is, without food, no energy! Without food, the body is nothing!

Second, what is Brain?

Brain is an amazing three-pound organ that controls all functions of the body and interprets information from the outside world.

The brain is an important organ that controls language, thought, and body.

Language, thought, and body can never function without food.

The left hemisphere of the brain where language is located begins to release angry words through the Broca’s area.

And the Wernicke’s area of the brain begin to misconstrue what is being said.

The body can never be effective let alone accessing information kept in the left hemisphere of the brain, unless it has taken something.

That is, you cannot access any information from the brain, without giving it food, and if the body has not taken something, the brain is no where to be found.

Abdul 2020 says
Brain without Food  is Brainless

In the philosophical aspect of life you give to take, if you do not give me you can not take it from me and what I don’t have I can not give. It is what I have, that I give without delay.

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