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The Journey of Self Discovery academic-bomb-davidodunsi The Journey of Self Discovery

Exploding The Academic Bomb In You – The Book Series by David Odunsi

The Journey of Self Discovery

People have achieved phenomenal success in various human endeavors, however something peculiar about all achievers is the commitment to the discovery of who they see behind the mirror. When a child is born, everyone describes the child, how the child looks and who the child looks like from their own angle of perception, but then, no matter how much the child looks like a particular person that child can’t take on the full identity of that person, that child will at some point have to start the process of looking inward to identify what he or she has on the inside that is unique to them.

Often times people don’t achieve more than the extent to which they have discovered the uniquenesses about themselves. From birth till now, the description of who you are has been solely based on other people’s perception of you, but the big question is this, what’s your own perception of you, who do you think you are, it’s time to take charge of your own identity and stop leaving it to others to determine, the best anyone can do is to describe you from their own point of view, but you have the complete view about you, you have been living in you since birth hence you qualify best to identify who you are.

Yes people can guide you through the process of discovering your identity but you will still have to do the major part of the work. Every being is a unique being that has been wired differently to operate with a level of distinction that is significantly different from the remaining 7 billion people on earth. So irrespective of how identical people may look, they possess certain unique traits that ensures there’s just one version of them, and certainly not the duplicate of another person but the original and only version of themselves.

Almost every products has different versions, you could have a hundred different version of a laptop from 001-100, but there’s just one version of YOU, there’s just a version 001 of you, realizing that there’s just one version of you won’t it be exciting and adventurous to try to discover YOU and what makes you undoubtedly different from every other person. I’m sure by now you can’t wait to begin the journey of discovering who you are, I’m equally eager and excited to help you do that.

In my next post I will be sharing with you how to make use of an instrument called the Compass in your journey of self discovery. I can’t wait to share that post with you.

David Odunsi
Author, Exploding The Academic Bomb In You.
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